I came to Skyview with a fracture in my right leg after a hit-and-run incident that left me unable to provide adequate care for myself. The physical therapy and occupational therapy I received, and the extra support from their rehab department, helped me make strides in the healing process. Social services worked extensively with agencies in the community to secure safe and more appropriate housing for me. After a short stay at Skyview, I was able to give up my previously unsafe apartment and secure a new independent apartment.
- William D.
After suffering an injury to my abdomen, I came to stay at Skyview. I previously resided independently in the community. After working extensively with your wound care nurse, my wound healed. Social Services assisted me with returning home to my apartment in the community, after only a short stay at Skyview. Thank you.
- Steven S.
Because I lived independently in the community I was unable to return to my apartment after suffering from a fractured right hip and right shoulder. Upon admission, I had limited mobility and required a higher level of support. While I was at Skyview, I received physical therapy and occupational therapy from the therapy department and they helped me excel in my recovery. Social services assisted me in paying bills and maintaining my apartment in the community, which upon completion of my successful therapy, I returned home to. I was set up with home health to assisted me with adjusting to my home in the community, which allowed me to have a successful reintegration. With Deep Gratitude.
- Pamela K.
I came to Skyview after having had a stroke and was completely dependent on care. I had my own apartment in the community, which I was unable to return to at the time due to my poor mobility and limited speech. While at Skyview, I received physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and improved drastically. I communicated clearly with staff, encouraged others and stayed positive about my own condition. Eventually, I was able to use a wheelchair and move independently within the facility. Working with the social services team, I was able to return home with the assistance of home health, rent assistance, Meals on Wheels and the support of my family members.
- Eva D.
Prior to my admission to Skyview, I had just experienced a stroke and was in a wheelchair. I had impaired cognition and had limited use of my right upper extremity. I was unable to ambulate independently, as I had an extremely unsteady gait. I began working with the therapy department shortly after my arrival, receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Shortly after, I began making leaps and bounds in my goals, and, before long, I was ambulating with a cane. Social services worked with me regarding my relationships with others and reintegrating with the community, and I currently volunteer at a local church, which I enjoy very much. I enjoy the encouragement from the staff, and I am looking to return to the community in an assisted living capacity and begin a day program. I continue to reside at Skyview and make exceptional strikes in my recovery. I am an active participant in my discharge planning and look forward to a discharge back to my community.
- Charles D.